Professional attire, these days, seems to demand a mask.  Last night, at a local board of education meeting, the sheriff’s deputy wore one.  The district staff all had them on.  The board’s general counsel, I think, was wearing hers.  A few of the board members had them on.  They appear, moreover, to be color-coordinated, as though if you buy a new three piece business suit these days, it will come with a pair of them.

I live on a farm and I run my own business, so I don’t have to put up with this horse shit.

I’m having trouble getting past this:  On the great Commie Virus, people are taking health and policy advice (“wear the damn mask”) from the very people who both created the problem and won’t admit they created the problem.  Not only was the virus engineered in a laboratory, by people who claim that artificially building a super-virus is the best way to learn how to fight it, the very same people (Fauci, Daszak and crew) continue to claim no responsibility for the outbreak in the first place.  Fauci isn’t the only liar here.  Apparently, the entire profession is full of liars.  Artificial genetic manipulation is so dear to their hearts that they will risk world-wide pandemic in order to keep it looking benign.  The efficacy of a vaccine dependent on some of the same technology is so important to them, they lobby hard to make sure the subject can’t even be discussed.

WHY IN THE WORLD would you trust anything that discipline says about either masks or a vaccine?

At the board meeting last night, I made the observation that there certainly are good experts, but there are lots of bad ones too.  A friend of mine was recently rescued from death’s door by a lung transplant.  The folks who can replace a lung are good experts.  The proof is in their work.  On the other hand, a few decades ago, in that same board room, thousands of parents objected to a new reading curriculum that de-emphasized phonetics.  Why?  Because “experts” with PhDs in the useless discipline of educational methodology said so.  The parents knew better, but they were told to “trust” the experts.  A few years later, the state superintendent of schools, Bill Honig, went around the state apologizing for declining reading scores brought on by those very “experts.”

I believe everyone should make their own choice on the mask and the vaccine, but it’s difficult for me to see someone wearing a mask, (happily wearing a mask) and have any respect for their intellect.   When those same people demand that children, barely at risk at all for this disease, wear them, I think I’m seeing someone so profoundly dumb, or evil, they should be supervised somewhere.