Mountain View, CA  ICBTS News

Thousands of left-leaning social network accounts have been frozen over the last two weeks due to an unintended side-effect associated with content-policing.  It appears that the drive to de-monetize conservative blogs and block politically incorrect social network accounts has actually had a reverse effect.  The  anti-cliché component of the policing software ends up shutting down more liberal accounts than anyone anticipated.

An unnamed source at one social network giant was forthcoming.

“We dedicated quite a few people and a lot of the code to rooting out overused language, straw-men arguments, and cliché. It turns out that rules out a lot more leftist accounts than we thought.”

“For example,” our source went on.  “On gun control, the argument that guys opposed to firearms restrictions have manhood issues: Our cliché tracking property wound up shutting down more than 15,000 female accounts in the Bay Area alone — and when the accounts were shut down, that generated even more arguments about us having a small penis.  Who knew that liberals were far more addicted to cliché than conservatives?”

The need to moderate social network feeds has become obvious to many industry professionals.  These feeds are really the equivalent of network news in the old days and there’s a proven need to keep the stories fresh and original if you want to keep eyeballs on screens. The best way to do that, it turns out, is shutting down accounts that talk about ethnic studies, Lena Dunham, white privilege, yada, yada ad infinitum.”

“It may be very high-minded,” our source confessed, “but that stuff is boring as hell.”