God Truly Hates Hypocrites

A friend of mine was removed from a Facebook group today for simply observing that women should sometimes have sex with their husbands when they don’t feel like it — just as they sometimes wash the dishes when they don’t feel like it.  We do things for people we love because their needs are important to us.  This was too gritty for the “Christian” women in the group.  The same women who have their Wednesday morning prayer groups and read about Rachel, Leah, Esther, Solomon’s wife, Rahab, Jael — the Biblical babes who tell their men, “okay, here, have sex with my maid then” or “come on in to my tent and fall asleep while I put a spike through your head” (lusty, real, baby-wanting, justice-wanting women) — their modern daughters just don’t have the heart of their heroes.

From time to time — I think sparingly — I drop the “F bomb.”  A few of my loving, fire-breathing, conservative female friends chide me for it.  I reminded them that Jesus compared the priestly caste to “rotting flesh.”  What’s worse?  A vulgar, earthly reference to sex — or telling someone they are a rotting corpse?   Which is more vulgar, really?  Sex or death?  I love these women.  I applaud their virtue, but they don’t recognize something: we are at war, and war is not won by “polite” soldiers, either on the battle field or in the meeting house.

Our priorities get all out of whack, quite often.  “Christianity” Today advocated the removal of President Trump for some threat so vague that even liberal Constitutional scholars admitted: this is the kind of impeachment attempt the founders feared.  They have proven no criminality, no real abuse of power, and they are totally silent on folks like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden who have clearly violated the law.  Bill Clinton perjured himself.  He deserved impeachment.  Ted Kennedy dumped a girl in a river and actually had the nerve to sit on the senate judiciary committee for 30 years.  He participated in the high tech lynching of Clarence Thomas, with absolutely no protest from the God hating, baby-killing Democratic party.

On our “evangelical” side I present the Jimmy Carters and the Max Lucados and the Al Mohlers and the “Christianity” Today hypocrites: they have never posed with a gorgeous model in a low cut gown.  They don’t take pictures with a cocktail glass in their hand.  They never drop the F bomb.  They are very polite, very soft-spoken, but they don’t really give a damn about you, or your souls. They actually work to undermine the first president who ever addressed the March for Life, who appointed pro-life judges, who worked to free the pulpit of IRS tyranny.

Jesus saw through some of you folks.

It’s time for you to start seeing yourselves.  You care about “civility” over truth.