Thinking out loud.  Probably nothing, but I was wondering what it is that ties together unlikely bedfellows like gay activists, jihadists, socialists and radical environmentalists.  Why, for example, do you find the defenders of a fluid sexuality that would get you thrown off buildings in Iran ridiculing any objection to Sharia law in the west?

My guess: the love of death.

Anyone who reconciles themselves to indulging same-sex attraction knows they will never naturally reproduce, never have any sort of intimate, biological interest in the next generation.  Islam, of course, makes a theology of death; the only certain way of achieving paradise is to die in struggle for Allah.  Environmentalists see the human species as a particularly vicious parasite that must be radically restrained.  (I know one who admitted it to me: she said she would prefer no human beings on the planet.)  It isn’t at all surprising to me that Bernie Sanders, the dedicated socialist, warms to the notion of population control, nor should it be surprising that old nihilist Europe has reconciled itself to cultural death, at the hands of Islam: if you have lost your sense of meaning, you actively embrace not only death, but whatever means brings about your death.  You recognize your fellow walkers, and you all lurch forward together with common purpose; misery needs some company.

The sort of mind, moreover, that could actually celebrate abortion — that could contort and strangle the natural joys of motherhood — puts it all in rather stark display.  We are contending with people who have a zombie-like devotion to the grave.  Emotionally, they are climbing right in and clawing the clods down over themselves.

And that would explain, of course, why they hate Christianity:  “I come that you might have life, and life more abundantly.”