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The Price of Purity

Mea culpa. I have to come clean.  Try to learn something from my mistakes. I am hard on some of you #NeverTrumpers, but I was once something like you — a dedicated, self-satisfied, high conscience loser, waiting for America to catch up with my standards.  It goes way back to 1972, when my mom had..

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Demeanor, Training, and All That Important Stuff..

I wrote about the strange martyrdom of #NeverTrump crowd the other day.  They could be thrashing and screaming in the Niagra River, approaching the falls, hearing the thunder in the distance, and if Donald Trump was piloting a lavish, gold-canopied Trump cocktail cruiser and throwing out a life-preserver, they would look around for another option..

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Hear Me Roar?

When a small, veiled woman never spoke, as her husband attacked Trump’s sacrifice and Constitutional literacy, Donald’s response only expressed what we were all thinking.. It shouldn’t be that startling an idea, but apparently people need reminding:  different cultures produce different outcomes.  If your family honor depends on scholarship, you’re bound to have a few..

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Christianity and the Election of 2016

People wonder why I attend a house church.  Isn’t it obvious? Blogger Matt Walsh is upset with Christians in South Carolina, for voting Donald Trump in big numbers, but we should all ask ourselves the question:  why would we expect anything else?  Why would we expect self-identified Christians to be sophisticated policy thinkers? Why would..

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Sharing My Failures

We’re enduring, in America, another populist love affair with socialism, or “democratic Socialism,” as Bernie Sanders defines it, where the old fella seems to admit the government may not be able to manufacture working dishwashers, but it can, somehow, guarantee the lifestyle of the middle class.  Hillary Clinton joined in the chorus and declared that..

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Killing Us Nicely

When Baptist Academics Look Like Perfume Ladies.. I have high standards for Christians.  I expect them to be able to think their way through the consequences of their actions, employing a Biblical world view.  I expect a Christian college to be a kind of “city on a hill,” and that means, that when repugnant ideas..

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