Confusing Movie Dream Trailers..

Somber music. Winter. A man examines a cottage bedroom with an empty crib by the window.  He sits on the bed, alone, and puts his head in his hands. Summer: he is running across a meadow with his wife, a child in his arms. Winter.  Alone again, he looks down the hallway toward’s the nanny’s bedroom. Narrator: “They had all been friends for years.”   Two women argue over dinner preparation, and then laugh at each other.  Husband and wife dance on the deck outside under the moonlight.   Nanny, holding baby, look at them through the window.  Man looks at nanny.  Nanny looks at man.  Narrator:  “More than friends.” Winter.  Man contemplates an empty refrigerator, and a pantry with only two cans in it. Summer. Man, nanny, wife share some wine and laughter.  Man pushes nanny on swing.  Wife falls asleep.  Baby is left unattended.  Long view of someone watching them all in the distance.  Winter: leaves scutter across the deck, a broken swing seat sits in a pile of coiled cable near a dirty chair.  Summer.  At a party, drunk Nanny dances with a stranger and flirts with a priest.  Narrator: “The choices we make.”  Child wanders down toward the stream.  Mother searches frantically, yelling.  Winter: Man watches meter technician turning off the electricity.  Summer: violent storm rains down on a search party.  Winter.  Man scrapes the letters off a mailbox.  Music turns perky, comic, uplifting.  Colors brighten.  Minivan pulls up with wife, nanny, two children.  Wife rolls down window.  “You’re going to love the new place.”  Narrator:  “Sometimes we all need a new place — coming this summer.”