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Study: Men Feel Dissapointed When Turned Down for a Date

Madison, WI (Rueters) – A groundbreaking study out of Hollick University is shedding new light on the mysterious ritual of dating. In a $10 million federally funded research project, studies indicated  the vast majority of men who ask a woman out on a date, only to be turned down, feel disappointment. “In case after case,”..

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Constructive Criticism Still Sucks

Boston (Rooters) – Psychologists at Mather University have just made public the results of a three year, $25 million federal study on the effects of positive, well-intended criticism:  apparently, people don’t like it. “We followed 1200 subjects,” said professor Arnold Rosen, “all of whom self-identified as people who genuinely want to improve their lives by..

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