Public Health is Your Health

At this trying chapter in world history, those of us here at Thurgood Foods–and all of our affiliates, (including some of your favorite brands “Los Pollos Hermanos,” “Cheers,” and “Café Nervosa”)–want to assure all of you that our first priority is the safety and health of our guests in the middle of this grave Covid 19 threat.

From the very beginning of this crisis, we wanted to make sure that we not only met, but exceeded the guidelines set down by the World Health Organization and the CDC.

For us, it wasn’t enough for our customers to stand six feet apart.  We established distance markers that were 30 feet apart for our take-out windows.  We assigned additional staff to monitor customers as they exited their vehicles, to make sure there was no unnecessary fraternizing among people who might happen to recognize neighbors.  All of our guests were assigned to a designated sidewalk marker and issued a gentle electric shock if they wandered too close to other customers. We completely understand that people, if left to their own devices, will simply ignore the rules.  We don’t want YOU to be required to social distance. We will rigorously enforce the rules for you.  At our establishments, you will not be required to have difficult conversations about your own personal safety standards.  We will handle that for you.

Without question, all of our guests will be required to wear a mask and any guest who does not wear a mask will be promptly reported to law enforcement.  We are pleased to report that in many of our dense, urban locations, law enforcement has opted to station vehicles for the entire span of our open hours–to issue citations equal to, or greater, than the recent federal stimulus disbursements. (Can we get a hand for these first responders?)  We regret to report that many rural sheriffs are not cooperating, but we are responding by closing down those locations promptly.

Several churches and community organizations have made the mistake of asking for our catering services even as they continue to shamelessly host public gatherings.  We not only refuse to quote for our services, but we promptly report those organizations to tip lines across the country — and we urge you to join with us in this effort.

We are all in this together.

Thurgood Foods.  We know you can’t feed yourself.  So we’re doing it for you..