Mesa, Arizona • ICTBS News

Arlyce Simms, 63, now out on bail after her 2nd public nudity arrest, insists on being called “Chava,” (Hebrew for “Eve”) in homage to the Creation story recorded in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

“I had been protesting that horrible homage to pagan idolatry, Christmas, at a local mall,” Arlyce remembers, “and I was telling people God doesn’t change!  Observe God’s feasts, not pagan debauches like Christmas! Observe Pesach! Observe Sukkot!  And then it occurred to me, why settle for post fall traditions?  God doesn’t change, does He?”

Arlyce went on to explain that after her migration from agnosticism to Catholicism to Evangelical Fundamentalism to Reformed Calvinism to “Hebrew Roots” Christianity to Judaism, she has now finally found peace, and public nudity, in a small movement dedicated to re-living life in the Garden of Eden.

“When we only have one law to live,” Arlyce said, “we can finally prove to God our fidelity.  Frankly, all those Hebrew laws were getting a little irritating to keep straight, and then I remembered that originally God only had one law. One law!”

When asked about contemporary standards and her arrests by the Mesa police department, Arlyce shrugged. “I’ve been telling people the way it is for years now.  Eventually they’ll catch up to me. It’s not easy when you’re the only one seeking God’s will.”