Why don't you appreciate his patience with you?
Why don’t you appreciate his patience with you?

Lukewarm converts who still long for their old pagan shrines shouldn’t be teaching, and that includes Charles Krauthammer, the former leftist who believes he’s the only one on Fox smart enough to really explain to conservatives what they actually believe, and what they need to leave behind, in order to make Charles comfortable with his conversion.

His critique of the President’s press conference yesterday included these gems..

“What Trump did today was a moral disgrace…
“What Trump is missing here is the uniqueness of white supremacy, KKK and Nazism…”

Charles kept stressing the “uniqueness” of the slavery and racism problem in a way that indicated it’s a sin very dear to his heart — “dear” in a way that makes him feel morally superior for recognizing how totally “unique” the sin was and how totally “unique” we have to be in responding to it and what carefully “unique” efforts must be made in composing presidential rhetoric on the matter.  We get it, Charles.  It’s unique.  It’s special.

“Yes,” Charles continues, referring to the Charlottesville carnage, “there were bad guys on both sides.  That’s not the point.”

This is where “uniqueness” gets really strange. Apparently, if any story, any protest, any policy argument has a dimension that might be explained by slavery, then no counter arguments can be made. It’s unique, I tell you.  Entirely unique. It doesn’t matter if the Antifa goons are just as scary and violent as their Neo-Nazi counterparts. You can’t mention that. It doesn’t matter if the other side is hitting their opponents with bike locks or not following public permit rules, this particularly minuscule group of freakazoid white racists are reminding us of America’s entirely unique original sin.  It’s important to be quiet about all the counter arguments.  It’s important not to remind people that quite a few people who respect Robert E. Lee are not, in fact, skinheads.  It’s important for the left to have the day on this one and leave America thinking that everyone who values their heritage is, in fact, a Klansman getting a cross ready to burn on someone’s lawn.

Quite a few Americans — this may be startling — haven’t owned slaves for several generations now.  Quite a few Americans actually run small businesses where their motto really is… “find me the best person for the job and I don’t give a damn what color skin they have.” There are even quite a few white Americans who grudgingly take the Notre Dame admission, instead of the Princeton admission, because they weren’t black enough given their SAT scores. Americans aren’t intolerant people, Charles.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans, died, Charles, ending slavery.  Many of them died liberating Jews from European racists.  We get it, Charles.

But what you don’t get, Charles?  We’re also fair people.  We believe in the rule of law.  We don’t believe that children should be punished for their great grandparents’ sins, and we have active contempt for anyone claiming the race card decades after it has expired. No sin is so “unique” it gets to be perpetually re-visited. Can you imagine any family indulging old slights, old wounds forever?  There’s a name for that kind of family.  “Dysfunctional.”

The hypocrisy of the current racial obsession is truly astounding. Barack Obama attended and presumably tithed to Jeremiah Wright’s black separatist church.  That made him a card-carrying, dues-paying racial separatist.  Presumably, Charles would counter that this doesn’t matter, because slavery is a “uniquely” American problem and it means we have to “uniquely” avoid any claim of inconsistency.  That’s a bit like allowing homicide privileges to a family who endured the murder of their kinfolk a century ago.

Sorry, Charles, no problem is that unique.