The Church Bellicose

Picture the children of Israel marching closer to the promised land, and they encounter some really vile Canaanites.  I’m talking real cannibals here.  They are covered with greasy soot, caked on their faces by the burning of their own children in altars kept smouldering to Molech.  They smell of gore and greed, and their spears are wet with human blood.

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Long Live Shame

Mel Gibson had this part right..

In the wake of this week’s narrow victory for homosexual rights, get ready for a lot of half-truth solutions:  we need to be kinder, less judgmental, more free with Christian charity. Preach the sinner’s prayer and then everything will sorta just fix itself, right?

Well, the entire gospel includes festering valleys full of pure shame.

First off, an admission: (more…)