Picking the Script

Yesterday, I argued there can be beauty, and even virtue, in tawdry places, but I think I was really wrestling with a more fundamental problem: how to live, when to speak, when to shut up, which jokes to tell, what life-script to pick.

God certainly seems something like a playwright.  He gave Pharaoh a role to play, and even (more…)


Is Living Allowed?

Confessions of a Worldly Kid, Grown Up

Mary and I took a two-day break in Las Vegas last week.

As a child, my father’s epic family vacations across the West — water-ski trips, trout fishing in the Logan River, choppy boat rides under the looming Grand Tetons — those were all second fiddle choices for me. I would have taken poolside in Las Vegas, (more…)

Cowboy Abraham

You won’t hear scripture quoted very much, over Sashimi in Santa Monica or among biscuit nibblers at the Yale Club in Manhattan; the words of the Bible make the well heeled and the hip look away, awkwardly, as though you were trying to sign them up for a multi-level marketing program.  They see scripture as the figurative province of a gaunt, bloodless, (more…)