So, whilst driving today, I was pondering the Rodney King thing — why we all can’t get along.  (We had major sales today, but there are a few bloody-fanged progressive teachers I fancy I could calm down with a simple chat).  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It’s difficult for a secular humanist to hear, but the root issue is God and His law; these folks simply can’t bring themselves to reconcile themselves to it in the slightest.   Think about it.  If you told a pre-Columbian Aztec that killing human beings as a sacrifice to the Sun god was vile and disgusting, they might put a spear clean through your liver.  We may be slightly more polite about it today, but if you wonder how the country could possibly pay for “Medicare for all,” and you observe that God might not be pleased with coercing, through legislative theft, the means to make this happen — the secular humanist is left raging at the God in your advice.  He’s a tad more polite than the Aztec because his grandmother was a Christian, but if Russia is any guide, Christianity wears off quickly.  Wear a Kevlar vest.

Oh, and speaking of assumptions:  here’s an ugly picture of what the world looked like for children, without Christianity.

Today’s ear-worm melody:  Mele Kalikimaka

I’m having trouble remembering the total disk storage of the first computers I programmed back in the early 1980s.  I want to say 10 MB?  Take a look at this:  Unbelievable…

Warning — **GROSS** but a reasonable question on the field trip front.  I mean — really — Riley’s Farm vs weirdo, smelly feminist and drag queen story hours?