Pay Attention Now..

  1. Dig up ancient injustice and dwell on it. Identify “villains” who were operating under the moral and legal standards of their day. Use it to crucify, blacklist, and terminate the innocent grandchildren of those “villains” and reward people who were never the victims of those “villains.”
  2. If you want to get ahead in Hollywood, ignore any sexual assault done to your person. Take heroic roles about women in the past who didn’t take any crap. Pretend you are a lot like them.

  3.  Just to be safe, don’t learn from any _recent_ history at all. Share the senate _judiciary_ committee with a guy who left a woman to drown in the river. Ignore the criminality of popular professional athletes.

  4. Pretend that you care about the holocaust and simultaneously lobby hard for the unfettered right of women to obtain abortions.

  5. Go completely “woke” in church. Pat yourself on the back for never having endorsed a segregated lunch counter and then tell an old white guy on the internet he’s not allowed to contribute to the discussion and that he should “just die.”

  6. Pretend that all native cultures, prior to the arrival of Europeans, were gentle, caring, egalitarian enclaves of pure tranquility without hunger or brutality.

  7. Take a good hard look at 20th century Marxist governments, their political coercion and their forced starvation of millions — and then get misty about your Soviet/ Maoist memorabilia — and maybe wear some of it to a march.

  8. Nod your head knowingly when Christ describes the Pharisees in scripture. You never would have been one of them guys!