The Natural Order, Ladies

When we were young teenage bucks, there was an uncomfortable truth we had to contend with: the girls our age liked the older guys. For us, It was considered a miserable, but natural reality. “Girls mature more quickly,” we were told, and if you’ve ever looked over to see the skinny 8th grade girl in your English class disappear and morph into the sort of curve queen you could imagine on the arm of a Roger Moore, 30 years her senior, there didn’t seem anything particularly weird about it. We were spindly young colts, and she had become the Ur woman. Everyone knew she was too much for us.

Later in life, however, the same women who enjoyed this sexual asymmetry as girls, deeply resented it as older women. The very same women who sneered at teenage boys for being too young began bickering about cradle robbing when a man pushing thirty dates a woman pushing twenty.

Fortunately, you girls are very few in number, but for the sake of the country and your own dignity, listen up: stop it with the 4 decade old Roy Moore character assassination running cover for your mid life crisis. It is very unbecoming.

Personally, I never saw the big attraction in much younger women. If a woman can’t keep up with me intellectually, or in life experience, I can’t see much value in that sort of friendship, much less marriage, but I can say this: I’m in the minority. Most of the men I know are attracted to younger women. It seems to be part of the natural order.

Roy Moore, in other words, has committed the apparent crime of being a red-blooded heterosexual male. The fact that he’s white too, probably doesn’t help, but if you want to reward dirty politics, radical feminists, and fading, bitter cheerleaders, join the witch hunt.