Kensington Palace – ICBTS News

Baby gender-reveal parties have earned a new spot in social calendars across the globe, along with coed showers and bachelor parties, but they usually don’t include free tubal ligation procedures paid for by a prince.

All of that changed when Prince William, second in line to the British throne, gave party goers a chance to fight global over-population by having the procedure performed by qualified NHS practioners at a recent palace party announcing the projected birth date of his third child.

“I always thought I wanted to have children,” said royal friend, Lady Kimberly Balwick, “but when I listened to Prince William give a passionate lament about the problems of over-population, I knew I had to take up his personal challenge.”

Although NHS doctors serve at public expense, the prince is allowed to provide a gratuity for each procedure, under rules established by the British Parliament.

“I was feeling very generous,” the prince remarked.  “It’s not every day you get to announce the birth of your third child.  When I saw so many friends of the empire from Africa here, I couldn’t help feeling we had really accomplished something.  Over twelve tubal ligations were performed on women from Kenya.  That’s certainly team spirit, what?”