Panorama City, CA • ICBTS News

Speaking to his small fellowship from a Zoom feed, evangelical pastor Vance Ichabod told his following he had ordered “magistrate medallions” for each church member as a way of reminding them to always obey government authority, especially during this Covid-19 crisis.

“I had just reached the halfway point in my 12 part series on Romans 13:2, and I thought ‘there’s nothing like a commemorative medallion, stamped in brass or silver to really bring the point home.  When you hold it in your hand, you can almost feel its power.”

A few members of the “Church My Way Fellowship” were getting frustrated because they had lost their jobs, and were in danger of losing their homes as part of their social obligation to “flatten the curve.”   They asked Pastor Ichabod for advice as to how best to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

“I told them — as difficult as it may sound — government officials always know best, since they are put there by God, and that bothering them with a list of their grievances will only keep them from doing their jobs.”

The silver-looking medallions were left, along with hand sanitizer, in the pastor’s mail box with strict instructions to wait ten minutes between pick-ups.

When asked how he was weathering the pandemic the pastor looked remarkably calm.  “Well, it hasn’t been too bad for us. I’m on a disability retirement from the federal government and my wife teaches at home, so we’re covered financially — and really, there’s nothing more important than your health when it comes right down to it.”