Most thinking people care very little about the virus anymore.

It appears to be a dud.  If it were a bio-weapon, it would be singularly weak terrorism — a pellet gun against a half-ton Kodiak bear.  The thick fur of herd immunity appears to have protected humanity as it has for thousands of years.

What we really need to worry about?   What — actually — we should be screaming about?

Bill Gates

I know what you’re thinking.  He holds no official role.  He’s not a doctor.  Why are people listening to him?

Right, I get it. He shouldn’t get the media time he’s getting and his ideas (“mass assemblies may never come back”) are so weird that “Orwellian” doesn’t do it justice.  You would think that at least one interviewer might follow up with, “Bill?  No baseball games, no church, no weddings?”  I haven’t seen him called on those statements once.

I know that some folks will say, at this point, that Bill is quietly trying to corner the market on vaccines, that he’s created a sickness whose “cure” will make him even more vastly wealthy, but I keep returning to the issue of motivation.  If your estate has a value of $91 billion, what can you actually do with a few extra trillion dollars?  Obviously, Bill, George Soros, Charlie Munger, and Warren Buffet don’t look immortal.  (Is it just me or are they all starting to look like Senator Palpatine?)  They can’t live long enough to spend that money, and if Warren Buffett is any guide, some of them seem to have contempt for their own families.  Buffett constantly crows that his children will get none of his fortune.  (He appears to prefer Planned Parenthood.)

It’s not about money. It’s about control.  And on some level, it seems to be about an abiding contempt for humanity — a sense that it is dirty, chaotic and far too fertile. If I understand Bill Gates, he appears to want a world where every human being will have a digital vaccine and health signature, where technology will prevent you from travel and work if you are “unclean.”  Of course, Bill will claim that’s for the good of humanity, (and he might even have convinced himself he means that), but the arrogance of his pronouncements, his willingness to cancel everyone’s wedding, funeral, and worship for the next n years until his system is set up — that speaks to a mind that has declared itself God.

And if you see a media type deferring to that godhood, you shouldn’t just get nervous.  You should be angry.

Bill Gates, and his crowd, need to be opposed, resisted, disobeyed, ridiculed with every fiber of our beings.  We need to start building the jails necessary to incarcerate Bill and his friends.  Let them rot in prison.  We’re going to the ballgame.