Albany, NY  • ICBTS News

An anonymous female source inside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office takes issue with a recent state report alleging sexual misconduct and harassment by the governor, calling it a “mostly safe” place to work.

“There were times,” the source said, “when you could go in there and work for the governor for three or four hours at a time and not have your butt grabbed or your breast cupped.  It’s not like it was non-stop horn dog territory.  I mean, seriously, he didn’t transfer every attractive police woman in the state onto his personal security detail.”

When asked if that really constituted a safe environment, the source shrugged.  “This stuff is all relative.  It’s not like he was Bill Clinton or Harvey Weinstein.  Or Bill Cosby.  I mean I can state that for a fact.  The governor never drugged any of the girls.”

The source even claimed that one trans-gendered staff member, a 6’2″ former male, complained that the governor never made a pass at her.

“Steve–I mean Stephanie–was a little annoyed by how little interest he was showing — even after bragging that he was a woman who could take some pain.”