..or putting it another way, are any of us really allowed to rebuke an entire race or ethnicity?  If we subscribe to the notion that we should be judged on the basis of our individual character, are we really required to sit in on the group session?  Am I really required to wrestle with my own sin and the collective sins of everyone else who shares my skin color?

Can we just cut the bull shit?

Would anyone stand for John Piper composing a sermon series entitled “Sexual Sin Among People of Color”  Would John MacArthur dare lead a conference entitled “Commitment Issues in Black Family Life?”

We all know this intersectional nonsense isn’t an honest effort to wrestle with the difficult idea of corporate, cultural sin. It has nothing to do with encouraging each other as believers. It’s not even the honest lament of Paul about a pre-evangelized people.

What is it?  It’s the demonic carping and quarreling of the devil.  CUT IT OUT OF YOUR CHURCHES.  The absurdity of a John Piper scolding “white evangelical” voting patterns, when even more monolithic voting patterns have been propping up crime, abortion, and the welfare state for decades, is a blight on the pulpit.

Get these little old ladies out of your sanctuaries.