Don’t bring Boobs to a Brain Fight

A friend writes, about Bernie Sanders enthusiastic support for aborting brown babies around the world..

Economic differences aside, the chasm between moral and ethical human beings and those whom the bible terms “the wicked” (fully sold out to the powers and principalities of the air, or Satanic entities) is widening. When you celebrate death, you have crossed a terrible line.  –Dennis Hart

I have to admit.  I’m losing patience for discussion with people who have willfully blinded themselves. While I never  succumbed, in college, to progressive-think, (I found the cooperative row houses at Stanford hilarious examples of socialist stink, literally and figuratively), I can remember giving some credence to, say, leftist opposition to the draft, or Kennedy’s handling of the Cuban missile crisis.  I recall political and historical discussions in the early 1980s that were passionate, but civil.  You had the feeling reasonably honest people were struggling to find answers. You could disagree and not conclude your opponent was sucking LSD through a straw.

I really am not so sure anymore.

  • Bernie Sanders, a guy once expelled from collectives for being lazy, celebrates the abortion of third world children.
  • The San Francisco Board of Supervisors calls the NRA a terrorist organization.
  • Masked femme-boys in Portland convince themselves they are fighting fascism, and the mental comparison this invites with their grandfathers storming Normandy to kill genuine fascists — well, the contrast is so pathetic, you have to wonder why more people aren’t complaining about the smell.
  • The New Yorker reminds me, today, that millions of Americans actually shiver at Margaret Atwood’s seventh grade negative fantasy.  You know the one — the Handmaid’s Tale?  The one where male evangelicals, in uber-patriarch mode, joylessly penetrate still fertile female bond servants, (their wives watching) to re-populate the environmentally scarred planet?  (Yes, people not only pay for this stuff, they see the red cloaks of the “handmaids” as spiritually energizing performance art.)
  • Even the “conservative,” churched folk have gone woke. You can actually expect your nephew, in seminary, to silently comply with a request for white students to remain silent, when the “theologian” at the helm of the discussion decides it is time to wallow in identity grievance.
  • A few trans activists lament the extreme prejudice of heterosexual men who — when the mating dance begins — actually prefer their date be a female.

I honestly wish we did not have to contend with such nonsense.  It is certainly true that much of this exists “out there.” We get to avoid a lot of it, because God’s universe is fueled by a precision that holds this insanity in derision, but sooner or later you are going to get your own personal encounter with “pure crazy,” and you will have to make a decision:  will I be governed by fools, or will I do my best to sweep them away?  Will I coddle the “caring, loving” church lady in my circle who thinks she can love a blood-hungry mountain lion into fellowship — or will I do the Samuel thing and make up for Saul’s diplomacy?

I’m not saying we can’t discuss things.  By all means, I wish Ted Cruz the best in his debate with Alyssa Milano.  It’s not that he’ll need luck; the only way she might have a chance is if she disrobed during the performance, since she’s bringing boobs to a brain fight, BUT the point here is that even when Ted wins, he won’t win.  There are people so thoroughly devoted to evil — in this case, the notion that God hasn’t ordained your right to defend your life — that they won’t listen.  They can’t listen.  They have been given over to depraved minds.

Some of you folks need to get back in touch with your ancestors’ reality.  Pray for their conversion, but prepare for your own preservation if that isn’t happening any time soon..