In the political game, self-reflection is not terribly necessary

The odd thing?  I can see some of my conservative friends passing themselves off as Native American, as a kind of protest against affirmative action — even if their DNA came back 102% Anglo/Norse.  Call me too linear in my thinking, but the assumption that people of color simply can’t compete for college admissions and faculty assignments without the help of guilty white liberals, well, isn’t that the definition of racism?

What I don’t understand?  If someone actually believed that affirmative action reserved precious advancement opportunities for the disadvantaged, if they actually bought into the whole privilege nonsense, if they, um, looked in the mirror and saw Betty White looking back at them, and then they rode the “Native Cherokee” card into college and on to tenure, I mean how would you live with yourself?

Like I say, I’m guessing a gal like Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have too many self-aware moments.