Things are getting a bit disturbing.  If you watch this video, skip the first 24 minutes. You’ll begin to see a guy trying to visit “Chicano Park” somewhere in San Diego.  It’s pretty clear that he and his friends might not get out of there with their lives if it were not for police protection. Personally, I think Arthur Schaper should have brought along several Mexican American patriots to confuse the opposition, but I understand why that’s difficult: the organized left wing in this country simply will not accept black conservatives or Mexican American patriots. They get “Judas” status for making the Anglo guy look like he has friends across the cultural/ethnic divide. (The fact that he does have those friends doesn’t really matter; the left has decided it’s a time for hate and violence.)

Racism is over, folks. It doesn’t exist to any meaningful degree in America, except, maybe among some partisans who actually use “The Race” as a political organizing tool.

So when you see anyone trying to divide us over race or ethnicity, remember your personal experience and call it out for the nutty, needy, bratty tantrum that it is.  Let’s be honest, shall we? No one gets away with the “N” word anymore, except for gangsta rap losers trying to give themselves prison credentials. We all understand — don’t we? — that anyone who uses that word is a loser, be they black or white?  We all love Mexican and Asian and Irish culture. We all groove on the meritocracy.  The best cultural traditions rise to the top — and the bad stuff, (child brides, mordida, honor killings, run-away dads) that all gets kicked to the bottom.

America is about ideas that are broader than skin color or family traditions. We believe in freedom of speech — orderly freedom of speech.  The thugs who opposed this man today were trained to think of him as someone less than human, someone not deserving of God given rights.  The tactic of defining someone as less than human is something Adolph Hitler would have been entirely comfortable with.

The folks who love Chicano Park love a place where their ethnicity can be retained, but that freedom comes with a price: you need to respect freedom of expression, and you need to stop, take a breath, and understand that every disagreement isn’t about color.