Casual Living. From a Recent unsolicited copy of “W” Magazine, the “Hers and His” Version..

“We saw each other. We locked eyes. She advanced towards me–and that’s when I sustained the corneal abrasion..”

“Her elaborate plumage I could take; it was her monstrous need for attention that sat down on my chest like a ten story building and made me beg for air.”

“I was startled to see she was taking an interest in me, but I put on my glasses and realized ‘she’ was a golden bull pheasant  trying to mount one of the lounge pillows.”

“She’s been moody all afternoon.  She wanted Ribbon-tailed astrapia feathers, but that would have required the maiming of three dozen birds.”

“Look, she’s my sister and I love her, but you take her to the theater, okay?  Just try it sometime.”

“Sometimes I envy people who go bold.  This isn’t one of those times.”