So here’s the difficult thing about confronting the modern false church: it’s a slippery little snake.

I listened to a sermon today about God’s abiding love, about a just God of the old testament who may judge and scourge His people but who never gives up on them.

Who could possibly object to such a message at this particular interval of history?

When all the EBT cards are fully charged, when all the pensions are being paid, when every grant for false “scientific” research is being funded, what would that kind of sermon do but a) make scorners consider believers to be a bunch of Hallmark sentimentalists and b) keep the flock safely in a coma?

The church is supposed to make warriors out of fat, dumb 18 year olds. A real sermon, these days, would flatly scold the maggots for being maggots. A real preacher would call the flock lazy, communist-indulging, baby-killing monsters. That would wake them up.

..but if they really were “awakened” as opposed to being “woke,” half of the contributors would leave in a huff.