No Explanation Necessary

So I was put in FaceBook jail for seven days, and — as usual — there is never an explanation why, nor would they even identify the offending post.  (How will they build their Brave New World if they don’t even run a competent re-education camp?)

It’s possible, this time, that a rogue login from a different device is the culprit, as one of their messages seemed to indicate, but all of my Facebook tabs subsequently displayed the dreaded “Community Standards” violation, and unlike a year ago, even their advertising department has no power to override these decisions.  Whether this incarceration is performed by rogue algorithms, or earnest young social justice warriors in the “Community Standards” division, I’ve just decided — after a ten year addiction — that I’m tired of providing content for Facebook, and investing in a community that can be taken away, instantly, by some multi-gendered, mentally arthritic 22 year old.

My FaceBook friends have become something like family to me, and I don’t want to lose you, but I really don’t want to be subject to such a fickle, and shrill, “standard.”

For advertising reasons, I will likely keep my account open, so that I can manage some commercial pages, but I’ll be hanging out on my blog.  Get a Disqus account, or join my email list, and we can keep up the conversation there.  You can reach me here as well: