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Pope Seeking I Love Lucy “Fred Mertz” Look


Highly placed confidential sources close to Pope Francis may help explain the recent trip and fall incidents plaguing the holy father.  He is apparently experiencing a great deal of fatigue from cosmetic surgery designed to make him look more like 1950s television star William Frawley who played the character Fred Mertz in I Love Lucy and Bub O’Casey in My Three (more…)


Hillary Clinton Binge Watches “Man in the High Castle”


An advance team prepping for Hilary Clinton’s Tuesday appearance here awkwardly stalled and then admitted the candidate had cancelled all Sunday meetings in order to binge watch Amazon Studios “The Man in the High Castle.”  Set in 1962, the period counterfactual drama, based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, asks the question, “what if the Nazis and Japanese had (more…)

Tech Firms Buying Up Mega-Churches


church_crowdThere’s a new gold rush on in California, and it comes with its own praise music.  According to confidential industry insiders, three of Silicon Valley’s biggest technology firms are in bidding wars to buy up the nation’s largest churches.

“Not many pastors are truly entertaining,” said a stock market analyst close to the acquisition (more…)

Constructive Criticism Still Sucks

Boston (Rooters) – Psychologists at Mather University have just made public the results of a three year, $25 million federal study on the effects of positive, well-intended criticism:  apparently, people don’t like it.

advice“We followed 1200 subjects,” said professor Arnold Rosen, “all of whom self-identified as people who genuinely want to improve their lives (more…)

Lottery Winners Swell ACA Enrollment

Washington (Rueters) – According to a new White House report, health care exchanges all over the country are seeing dramatic enrollment increases among a special kind of fortunate citizen:  lottery winners.

Jay Carney“It’s very dramatic,” said press secretary Jay Carney, “we’re seeing increases among lottery winners by not just single percentage factors but — (more…)