Riyadh or River City?

In Defense of Empire
Rand Paul and his pops, should be applauded for defending the Constitution, but thoroughly scolded for lamenting a better way. Newsflash, folks:  some ideas are better than others.

The term “Arab Spring” might invoke an image of fragrant grains blooming in a once parched desert and a luxury Hilton opening its doors in Tripoli.  We’re supposed to imagine (more…)


The Church Isn’t Sexy Enough

In the wake of the Josh Duggar story, it is wise to remember that when a basic human hunger is demonized by church culture, weird things happen to people. Pornography, abuse, homosexuality, infidelity all can be traced to a failure of the church to celebrate sexuality.

The church isn’t sexy enough?

No, please, I am not arguing for “seeker-friendly” assemblies — dance-babe (more…)

Shut Up, For Your Own Good…

Being Absolutely Quiet is the Best Thing For You, (And Us..)

Be Careful..

I need to say a few words about our founder, Felix Perringdale.

The 1893 photograph of Perringdale is widely misunderstood, and scandalously misrepresented by his detractors.  Over the course of three years, Perringdale repaired to his parents’ barn in Le Mars, Iowa, where–surrounded by (more…)